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Besk vs Endicon

Why Endicon?

It’s me, Balázs Endrédi.

I founded Endicon in Ingolstadt in 2008 as an IT consulting company.

In 2015, I teamed up with my good friend and Agile Coach Sven Koble and founded the Hungarian company BESK kft and also renamed Endicon GmbH Ingolstadt to BESK GmbH. But what does BESK actually mean? >>
Balázs Endrédi & Sven Koble.

One of our, and my personal projects at the Hungarian location in Budapest is JobelHome – automated smart home apartments. However, our main focus remained in the area of ​​IT consulting, specializing in large companies, large systems, and individual software solutions.

However, the pandemic has taken a toll on us, so we decided in 2020 to part ways amicably. Since it was very important to Sven that we no longer be called BESK because of his abbreviation and the personal connection associated with it, we are gradually returning to the original name Endicon. The German company has already been renamed and the Hungarian location will follow this year (2023). We are also no longer to be found in Ingolstadt, but in the beautiful Swabian Alp – Bad Urach.

Despite the many changes – the identity is and remains the same.

But why Endicon?

Many years ago, before the fall of the wall, my father was a very well respected manager in Hungary. He was not only a father to me, but also my mentor. I not only inherited my fighting spirit from him, but also my perseverance, especially in difficult (crisis) times.

After the reunification came the big crisis and my father lost his job and had to reinvent himself. As a graduate mechanical engineer, he decided to found a company specializing in maintenance and mechanical engineering and spontaneously decided to call it “Endi”.

But why Endi?

Endi is the abbreviation of Endrédi and has always been my fathers nickname since childhood.

When our father died very suddenly in 2002, my brother took over the company Endi kft and renamed it Endi Engineering and developed it further in the years that followed. Later he founded Endiline as well. And this is how the name Endi Consulting or Endicon came about. Because although we didn’t like the name „Endi“ that much at first, it still has a very emotional meaning for us. That’s how we can let our beloved father & mentor live a little longer through our company.



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